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The Antioquia Swimming League is a non-governmental, non-profit corporation founded on June 8, 1966.

It is the governing body of water sports in Antioquia, affiliated with the Colombian Swimming Federation.

It is their mission to promote, guide and sponsor high performance in all four Olympic disciplines: swimming races, diving, water polo and synchronized swimming. Likewise, it favors the masificación of swimming through courses and training programs directed to public of all the ages and to subsidized prices.

It comprises 27 clubs, which together bring together about 1,800 athletes.

As a sports services company, it offers 44 courses and programs in the areas of swimming, diving and fitness, for which it has heated swimming pools and a gym with various disciplines and equipment. Its new aquatic therapy center stands out.

In the year its services are used by more than 50 thousand users.

Its management model places it as the leading league in Antioquia. Its budget in the last year exceeds $ 5,000 million, 95% of them product of its own management. About 30% of this budget invests in the preparation, bluff and competition of its athletes.

The League has the only training school of instructors and swimming monitors of the country, with technology level and the endorsement of the Municipal Education Secretariat.

In its program Public Schools offers free education to 6 thousand children from 70 schools and schools in popular neighborhoods of Medellin.

At present, Dr. Mauricio Cano Carmona serves as President, Dr. Javier Ignac and Gómez Restrepo, is in charge of the administrative direction.

The main and administrative headquarters is located at the Atanasio Girardot Sports Unit, west of the city of Medellín: Carrera 72 N ° 48-100. Tel. 430 13 30 ‘. Communicates with all dependencies.